Reference List for Herbs & Spices

Reference List for Herbs & Spices, nuts, grains, oils and more

Reference List: Do you need some information on spices, herbs, nuts, oils and also grains? We, at Superb Salt have compiled an easy to use reference table for you.

As I am sure you have guessed by now Superb Salt is not your regular boring website. We really believe in sharing as much information as we can about herbs, spices, nuts, grains, oils … and much more. We have done all the research, and created articles packed full of details about how to use these ingredients, when to use them, and even what to substitute whenever you run out of them. Just because you don’t have rosemary or thyme in the pantry, doesn’t mean that dinner is cancelled!

So, before we list all those herbs and spices, let’s dive into some cool kitchen hacks for those moments when your pantry plays hide-and-seek with the ingredients you need. But first let’s say hi to all our readers from ‘’, we love having you guys onboard. We hope you enjoy our articles. Also, hello to all our new followers on ‘’ – let’s get sharing some exciting new posts with you.

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Flour Alternatives:

Flour, the unsung hero of the kitchen, is your culinary chameleon, effortlessly transforming recipes with its versatile nature. Whether you’re baking up a batch of cookies, crafting the perfect pizza dough, or thickening a savory sauce, flour steps in as the trusty backbone of countless culinary creations. Its ability to add structure, texture, and body to dishes makes it indispensable in the world of cooking and baking. So, the next time you embark on a kitchen adventure, remember that flour is not just an ingredient; it’s your culinary sidekick, ready to turn your culinary visions into reality.

Now, let’s talk about corn flour. When you’re out of this golden goodness, reach for masa harina, chickpea flour, or even regular all-purpose flour. Masa harina adds that delightful corn flavor, while chickpea flour is an unexpected but awesome substitute.

Do you need an alternative for cocoa powder? If your chocolatey dreams are crushed because it’s MIA, carob powder can swoop in. Also, it’s got a similar rich flavor but also with a slightly nutty twist. Sneak it into your brownies or also your hot cocoa for a guilt-free switcheroo.

Semolina giving you the silent treatment? Don’t worry, try using cream of wheat or farina as these act as a seamless swap in your recipes.

Vinegar and Zest

Vinegar and zest, a dynamic duo that adds a burst of flavor and brightness to dishes, are the unsung heroes of the culinary world. Vinegar, with its tangy acidity, can elevate dressings, marinades, and pickles, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Meanwhile, zest, the vibrant outer layer of citrus fruits, contributes essential oils that bring a zesty kick to both sweet and savory creations. Together, they dance on your taste buds, creating a symphony of flavors that can transform a simple dish into a culinary masterpiece. So, whether you’re crafting a refreshing salad dressing or giving a citrusy lift to your favorite recipes, the combination of vinegar and zest is your secret weapon for culinary success.

Now, what about an alternative for black vinegar, the secret weapon in many Asian dishes. If it’s MIA, don’t sweat it. Balsamic vinegar mixed with a touch of soy sauce is your ticket to that sweet and tangy profile. It might not be an exact match, but it’s a darn good stand-in for most recipes.

Now, what about an alternative for Sichuan peppercorns – those little flavor bombs with a citrusy kick. White peppercorns or also black peppercorns mixed with a pinch of lemon zest can mimic that zesty zing. Just toss them into your stir-fries, and you won’t miss a beat.

Apple cider deciding to ghost you? Apple juice mixed with a splash of vinegar is your tart substitute.

Brandy and dark rum taking a tropical vacation without you? Vanilla extract or rum extract can mimic the warmth and depth they bring to your recipes.

Healthy Swaps:

Healthy swaps in the kitchen are like a nutritional makeover for your favorite recipes. Instead of feeling deprived, these substitutions let you indulge in deliciousness while making better choices. Swap out regular flour for nutrient-rich alternatives like almond or coconut flour, giving your baked goods a healthier edge. Flaxseeds can seamlessly step in for eggs, adding omega-3 fatty acids and fiber to your recipes. When the sweet tooth calls, opt for mashed bananas as a natural sweetener instead of sugar. These small changes not only contribute to your well-being but also prove that health-conscious choices can be just as tasty. So, embrace these wholesome swaps and savor a guilt-free journey through the kitchen!

Flaxseed is a nutritional powerhouse, but if you’re fresh out of flaxseed, chia seeds or hemp seeds can step in. They will bring a similar nutty flavor and also that awesome omega-3 boost to your smoothies, oatmeal, or baked goods. As for banana emergencies, applesauce or Greek yogurt can swoop in for that natural sweetness and moisture in your recipes.

Mint taking a day off? Basil or parsley can step in for that fresh, herby pop in your dishes.

Savory Replacements:

Savory replacements in the kitchen are the secret sauce for transforming ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary delights. Whether you’re enhancing the depth of flavor in a hearty stew or seeking alternatives to traditional seasonings, these swaps add a creative twist to your savory repertoire.

Beef bouillon on vacation? Hello, umami alternatives! Beef bouillon alternatives can include soy sauce, miso paste, or also mushroom broth, which can step up to deliver that savory punch to your soups and stews.

And what happens when bulgar wheat takes a rain check? Quinoa or also couscous can seamlessly slide into your tabbouleh or pilaf recipes as a great substitute for bulgar wheat.

Adobo sauce, the hero in many Mexican dishes, can be swapped with chipotle peppers in adobo or a mix of smoked paprika and tomato paste. Get ready for a smoky flavor party!

Feeling the savory vibes but lacking the seasoning? Grab some soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce to add that umami kick.

Kasoori methi, the fenugreek magic in Indian recipes, can be replaced with dried fenugreek leaves or even celery leaves for that herbal touch.

Now, onto guajillo chile – that deep, smoky flavor is irreplaceable, but if you’re in a pinch, ancho chiles or New Mexico chiles can still bring the heat and a hint of that earthy goodness.

Don’t have any Chinese five spice? No problem – a blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise, and a dash of white pepper can recreate the magic.

Mustard seeds AWOL? Try using ground mustard or mustard powder as they can bring the heat to your recipes.

Capers, those tiny flavor explosions, can be mimicked with chopped green olives. Their briny goodness does wonders in pasta dishes or atop your favorite fish.

Baking Necessities:

And if you find yourself graham cracker-less for that pie crust, then consider using digestive biscuits or vanilla wafers as they are both solid contenders.

Cooking Essentials:

Cooking spray playing hide-and-seek? Why not try using oil or butter? They both can work just as well to grease up your pans.

Keep rocking that kitchen improv, and let the substitutions roll! Cheers to your culinary adventures!

Let’s get looking so you can start cooking!

NameImageTypeFlavor profile
Almond butterAlmond butterNut Nutty, creamy, smooth, sweet
Alum PowderAlum PowderIngredientNeutral
Anise SeedAniseedSpiceSweet, spicy, licorice
Apple ButterApple butterFruit pasteThick, dark, rich, sweet, tangy
BasilBasil herbHerbHerbaceous, slightly sweet, peppery, minty, anise-like notes
Black GarlicBlack garlicVegetableSweet, smooth, umami, earthy
Black PepperBlack peppercornsSpiceWoody, musky, slightly sweet, spicy
Celery LeavesCelery leavesHerb | VegetableSlightly bitter, herbaceous, hint of celery flavor.
Celery PowderCelery powderSpiceSavory, umami flavor
Celery SaltCelery saltSpiceEarthy, bitter, savory, complex
Celery SeedsWild celery plantSpiceStrong, savory, bitter, warm
Chile de Arbol PowderChile de ArboSpiceFirey, sweet, smokey, nutty,
Chinese Five SpiceChinese Five SpiceSpiceAromatic, licorice, cinnamon, peppery, warm and spicy
ChivesBunch of ChivesHerbMild onion, gentle spice
CilantroCilantroHerbCitrusy, Sweet, pungent
(Soapy, perfume)
ClovesClovesSpiceWarm, sweet, slightly bitter
Cream cheeseCream cheeseDairySmooth, mild, sweet, tangy
Creole SeasoningCreole SeasoningSpiceSmoky, slightly sweet, slightly spicey, earthy, medium heat
CuminCumin seedSpiceWarm, earthy, bitter, smokey, nutty, peppery
Fish SauceFish sauceIngredientStrong, pungent, salty, savory
Flax SeedFlax seed substitutesGrainNutty, earthy, crunchy
GingerFresh gingerSpiceWarm, citrusy, sweet, spicy, woody, aromatic
Greek YogurtGreek YogurtDairyTangy, creamy, slightly acidic
LemongrassLemongrassHerbCitrusy, herbal notes, lemon, mild ginger, zesty, tangy
Lemon BasilLemon BasilHerbCitrusy, lemon, herbacious
Lemon Pepper SeasoningLemon and black pepperSeasoningCitrus notes, spicy, zesty
Lemon ThymeLemon thymeHerbEarthy, woody, citrusy, zesty
Mojo SeasoningMojo SeasoningSpiceTangy, citrusy, aromatic, savory
Molokhia LeavesMolokhia Leaves, Egyptian SpinachHerbEarthy, savory, nutty, slimy, pungent
Muscavado SugarBrown sugarIngredientSweet, caramelized, moist, toffee-like
Mustardmustard seedIngredientPungent, tangy, acidic, earthy, heat
NutmegNutmeg - whole and groundSpiceWarm, spicy, aromatic, nutty, sweet
PaprikaPaprika spiceSpiceWarm, hot, smokey, earthy, mild, sweet
PeppermintPeppermintHerbFresh, minty, peppery, menthol, sweet
Rapadura sugarBrown sugarIngredientSweet, honey, molasses
Red Pepper FlakesRed Pepper FlakesSpiceFirey, spicy, sweet,
RosemaryRosemary herbHerbWoody, earthy, pine-needles, forest, bitter
SafflowerSafflowerSpiceMild, neutral
SauerkrautSauerkrautIngredientTangy, crunchy, sour, salty
Saw Leaf: Vietnamese CorianderVietnamese coriander.HerbSpicy, citrusy, tangy, earthy, herbaceous
Sweet WoodruffSweet WoodruffHerbSweet, slightly vanilla-like taste, hints of spice, earthy, hay
TarragonTarragonHerbAnise, fennel or licorice
Tartar sauceTartar sauceIngredientTangy, slightly sweet, pickles, mayo, creamy
Thai BasilThai basilHerbSweet, licorice, clove, peppery, anise
ThymeThymeHerbEarthy, aromatic, sweet, minty, bitter
TurmericTurmeric root and powderSpiceWarm, earthy, slightly bitter
YamagoboBurdock Root - YamagoboVegetableSweet, earthy, crunchy, nutty, herbal

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