Reference List for Herbs & Spices

Reference List for Herbs & Spices, nuts, grains, oils and more

Reference List – Do you need some information on spices, herbs, nuts, oils & grains? We have compiled this easy to use table for you.

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NameImageTypeFlavor profile
Almond butterAlmond butterNut Nutty, creamy, smooth, sweet
Alum PowderAlum PowderIngredientNeutral
Anise SeedAniseedSpiceSweet, spicy, licorice
Apple ButterApple butterFruit pasteThick, dark, rich, sweet, tangy
BasilBasil herbHerbHerbaceous, slightly sweet, peppery, minty, anise-like notes
Black GarlicBlack garlicVegetableSweet, smooth, umami, earthy
Black PepperBlack peppercornsSpiceWoody, musky, slightly sweet, spicy
Celery LeavesCelery leavesHerb | VegetableSlightly bitter, herbaceous, hint of celery flavor.
Celery PowderCelery powderSpiceSavory, umami flavor
Celery SaltCelery saltSpiceEarthy, bitter, savory, complex
Celery SeedsWild celery plantSpiceStrong, savory, bitter, warm
Chile de Arbol PowderChile de ArboSpiceFirey, sweet, smokey, nutty,
Chinese Five SpiceChinese Five SpiceSpiceAromatic, licorice, cinnamon, peppery, warm and spicy
ChivesBunch of ChivesHerbMild onion, gentle spice
CilantroCilantroHerbCitrusy, Sweet, pungent
(Soapy, perfume)
ClovesClovesSpiceWarm, sweet, slightly bitter
Cream cheeseCream cheeseDairySmooth, mild, sweet, tangy
Creole SeasoningCreole SeasoningSpiceSmoky, slightly sweet, slightly spicey, earthy, medium heat
CuminCumin seedSpiceWarm, earthy, bitter, smokey, nutty, peppery
Fish SauceFish sauceIngredientStrong, pungent, salty, savory
Flax SeedFlax seed substitutesGrainNutty, earthy, crunchy
GingerFresh gingerSpiceWarm, citrusy, sweet, spicy, woody, aromatic
Greek YogurtGreek YogurtDairyTangy, creamy, slightly acidic
LemongrassLemongrassHerbCitrusy, herbal notes, lemon, mild ginger, zesty, tangy
Lemon BasilLemon BasilHerbCitrusy, lemon, herbacious
Lemon Pepper SeasoningLemon and black pepperSeasoningCitrus notes, spicy, zesty
Lemon ThymeLemon thymeHerbEarthy, woody, citrusy, zesty
Mojo SeasoningMojo SeasoningSpiceTangy, citrusy, aromatic, savory
Molokhia LeavesMolokhia Leaves, Egyptian SpinachHerbEarthy, savory, nutty, slimy, pungent
Muscavado SugarBrown sugarIngredientSweet, caramelized, moist, toffee-like
Mustardmustard seedIngredientPungent, tangy, acidic, earthy, heat
NutmegNutmeg - whole and groundSpiceWarm, spicy, aromatic, nutty, sweet
PaprikaPaprika spiceSpiceWarm, hot, smokey, earthy, mild, sweet
PeppermintPeppermintHerbFresh, minty, peppery, menthol, sweet
Rapadura sugarBrown sugarIngredientSweet, honey, molasses
Red Pepper FlakesRed Pepper FlakesSpiceFirey, spicy, sweet,
RosemaryRosemary herbHerbWoody, earthy, pine-needles, forest, bitter
SafflowerSafflowerSpiceMild, neutral
SauerkrautSauerkrautIngredientTangy, crunchy, sour, salty
Saw Leaf: Vietnamese CorianderVietnamese coriander.HerbSpicy, citrusy, tangy, earthy, herbaceous
Sweet WoodruffSweet WoodruffHerbSweet, slightly vanilla-like taste, hints of spice, earthy, hay
TarragonTarragonHerbAnise, fennel or licorice
Tartar sauceTartar sauceIngredientTangy, slightly sweet, pickles, mayo, creamy
Thai BasilThai basilHerbSweet, licorice, clove, peppery, anise
ThymeThymeHerbEarthy, aromatic, sweet, minty, bitter
TurmericTurmeric root and powderSpiceWarm, earthy, slightly bitter
YamagoboBurdock Root - YamagoboVegetableSweet, earthy, crunchy, nutty, herbal

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