How to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Best ways to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamps and how to use them

How to set up your Himalayan Salt Lamp

How to clean Himalayan Salt Lamp. Most lamps come disassembled as this allows for ease of transport.  You should always follow your manufacturer’s installation set-up but if they are not available we have listed a few basic points on how to set up and how to use your Himalayan salt lamp.

  • Check the packaging has not been damaged
  • Check the individual pieces for any obvious cracks or signs of damage
  • Start with clean hands, or cover them with gloves as this will stop the transfer of oils onto the bulb and exterior of the salt lamp.
  • Handle with care as too much pressure can cause cracking or breakages.
  • Assemble from the base up – base, bulb, lamp, etc.
  • Plug in the power source and turn on.
  • Enjoy

How to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp  

  • Disconnect your lamp from the power source.
  • Let your lamp cool
  • Use a slightly damp, lint free, cloth
  • Dab the damp lint free cloth over the surface of the lamp
  • Do not rub the surface of the lamp as this will damage the salt surface
  • Do not use furniture polish on a salt lamp

Where to place your salt lamp

You need to consider carefully where you intend to place your Himalayan salt lamp.  Whether it is for practical use, or as a decorative item, a well-placed lamp can act as a backdrop and add atmosphere and character to your home.

You will need to think of things like available power source, level shelving, and suitable surfaces which should be non-corrosive and away from electrical items.  You also need to think about placing it in a spot that is out of reach of children and pets.

Let’s start with the best places to place your salt lamp

  • Bedroom – salt lamps on bedside tables can also act as a night light.
  • Living room – near a sofa where you regularly sit.  Soft lighting and calming effect.
  • Office space – calming and energising
  • Consultation rooms – keep your clients relaxed
  • Yoga/Pilates centres – tranquil and energising 

Where you should not place your salt lamp

  • Steamy bathrooms
  • Damp kitchens
  • Close to open windows
  • Outside locations
  • On top of electronic equipment 
  • Close to pets
  • Near children 


Once you have assembled your Himalayan salt lamp and strategically placed it in your preferred setting there is nothing more to do than switch it on and enjoy the many suggested benefits it offers.

Take care of your Himalayan Salt Lamp by using the cleaning tips mentioned above – then sit back and appreciate your salt lamp.

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