How to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp

How to set up and clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp

It’s important to clean a Himalayan salt lamp regularly to maintain its appearance and functionality. But first of all let’s look at what happens when you first purchase your salt lamp.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan salt lamp is a decorative lighting fixture made from a solid piece of Himalayan salt crystal. These lamps are crafted by hand, where a hollow space is created in the salt crystal to house a light bulb or a candle. The distinctive pink or amber color of the lamp comes from the natural mineral content present in the salt. When the lamp is lit, it emits a warm, soothing glow that adds a calming ambiance to any space. Additionally, Himalayan salt lamps are believed by some to have health benefits, as they are thought to release negative ions into the air, which may help improve indoor air quality and create a more relaxing environment. Many people use Himalayan salt lamps to enhance the atmosphere in their homes or workplaces and enjoy their unique aesthetic appeal.

How to set up your Himalayan Salt Lamp

First of all you should be aware that most lamps come disassembled as this allows for ease of transport.  You should always follow your manufacturer’s installation set-up but if they are not available we have listed a few basic points on how to set up and how to use your Himalayan salt lamp.

  • Check that the packaging has not been damaged
  • Check the individual pieces for any obvious cracks or signs of damage
  • Start with clean hands, or cover them with gloves as this will stop the transfer of oils onto the bulb and exterior of the salt lamp.
  • Handle with care as too much pressure can cause cracking or breakages.
  • Assemble from the base up – base, bulb, lamp, etc.
  • Plug in the power source and turn on
  • You can now sit back and enjoy your lamp

Does my salt lamp need cleaned?

Salt lamps don’t normally require frequent cleaning, but there are a few signs that indicate it may be time to clean your salt lamp:

  1. Dust buildup: Over time, dust particles can accumulate on the surface of your salt lamp, making it appear dull or less vibrant. If you notice a significant amount of dust on the lamp, it’s a good indication that it needs cleaning.
  2. Discoloration: If the salt lamp starts to appear yellowish or discolored, it could be a sign that it needs cleaning. This discoloration can occur due to exposure to air pollutants or the accumulation of moisture.
  3. Decreased brightness: Salt lamps emit a warm and soothing glow. If you notice a decrease in the brightness of your lamp, it may be because the salt crystals are covered in dust or dirt, hindering the light from shining through effectively.

It’s worth noting that salt lamps have hygroscopic properties, meaning they can attract moisture from the air. If your lamp appears to be “sweating” or accumulating moisture on its surface, this is normal, especially in humid environments. Simply wipe away the moisture with a dry cloth when necessary.

Regular dusting and occasional cleaning will help keep your salt lamp in good condition and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

How to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp  

To keep your Himalayan salt lamp in good condition, it’s a good practice to regularly dust the surface with a dry cloth or brush to prevent the accumulation of dust and maintain its attractive appearance.

It’s important to note that while a clean surface is beneficial, the heat generated by the lamp during operation can naturally sanitize the salt crystal.

  • You should always disconnect your lamp from the power source before working on it to avoid electrocution
  • Your lamp should be cool to touch before you carry out any cleaning on it
  • Do not use an overly wet cloth directly on the salt surface – it should be slightly damp and lint free
  • Lightly dab the damp lint free cloth over the surface of the lamp
  • Do not rub the surface of the lamp as this will damage the salt surface
  • Never use furniture polish on a salt lamp
  • After cleaning, allow the lamp to air dry completely before plugging it back in. This will prevent any potential damage or moisture-related issues

Where to place your salt lamp

You will need to consider carefully where you intend to place your Himalayan salt lamp.  Whether it is for practical use, or as a decorative item, a well-placed lamp can act as a backdrop and add atmosphere and character to your home.

You also will need to think of things like available power source, level shelving, and suitable surfaces, which should be non-corrosive and away from electrical items.  You also need to think about placing it in a spot that is out of reach of children.

It is also important to place your salt lamp out of reach of pets. Animals are naturally curious and may start to lick the salt off the lamp. This should be discouraged as too much salt can cause serious health complications in your pet.

Let’s start with the best places to place your salt lamp 

  • Bedroom – salt lamps on bedside tables can also act as a night light
  • Living room – why not try placing the lamp near a sofa where you regularly sit as this will provide soft lighting
  • Office space – believed to help boost productivity by improving air quality
  • Consultation rooms – use as an aid to keep your clients calm and relaxed
  • Yoga/Pilates centres – both tranquil and energising 
Salt lamp near PC

Where you should not place your salt lamp

  • Steamy bathrooms or shower rooms
  • Damp kitchens or utility rooms
  • Close to open windows
  • Outside locations
  • On top of electronic equipment such as TVs
  • Close to pets sleeping or eating areas
  • Near areas where children could knock them over easily


So a quick recap on how to clean salt lamp – disconnect, soft wipe with lint free cloth, and never use water or furniture polish on the surface. Then once you have assembled your Himalayan salt lamp and strategically placed it in your preferred setting there is nothing more to do than switch it on and enjoy the many suggested benefits it offers.

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Take care of your Himalayan Salt Lamp by using the cleaning tips mentioned above – then sit back and appreciate your salt lamp.

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