Best Himalayan Salt Lamp – Top 4 for 2024

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp – Top 4 for 2024

Which are the best Himalayan salt lamps on the market? Are you looking for a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp? What are the benefits of using a salt lamp, in fact, how do they work and what type should I buy? And how do I know which is the best one on the market?

Often used around the home, office, or any other location where you wish to add a bit of ambiance Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are not only a decorative item but can also bring other benefits.

What are the benefits of using a salt lamp?

Do you know you can use a salt lamp as an air purifier, an aid to help you sleep, or even just as a decorative item? It must be remembered that there is no scientific research to back up some of the health benefits listed, ultimately you will need to decide for yourself.

Himalayan Pink salt lamp – with dimmer switch

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp 10-12″ with easy-use dimmer switch
  • Weight – 11-15lb
  • A natural handcrafted lamp set on a wooden base
  • Mined from salt in the Himalayan Mountains
  • This comes fully assembled and ready to use
  • An additional bulb is also provided
  • Orange glow enhances any room

Editors’ choice: $$
Top product recommendation

We love the natural handcrafted look of this lamp. A good 10″ to 12″ tall when fully assembled this looks striking wherever it is placed. The dimmer switch also allows for control of the overall room lighting. Also it is ready to use straight from the box.

Oh, and don’t forget you also get a free additional bulb!

Nevlers handcrafted Himalayan Salt lamp – heart shape

  • Natural Himalayan salt lamp
  • Includes dimmer switch & easy light switch
  • Heart shaped lamp for the romantics
  • Sits on a wooden base
  • Just use a soft cloth to wipe it clean
  • Suitable as a night light
  • Perfect as a gift for a loved one

Editors’ choice: $$
Best value product recommendation

What could be more romantic than a heart? We love the heart-shaped Nevlers hand-crafted salt lamp, so why not share it with your loved one? This lamp is sturdy, stylish, and also suitable for any room.

The lamp sits on a wooden base and can be controlled through the dimmer switch – just when you want to add that extra little bit of ambiance. This is a great value product.

Editors choice - value product

Value product

Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp – with 6 massage balls

  • Himalayan Firebowl lamp with salt crystal balls
  • 6 crystal massage balls
  • Handcarved from salt crystals in the Himalayan Mountains
  • Dimmer control switch – easy to use
  • Height 7″
  • Weight 8.98lb
  • Additional bulb supplied

Hand-carved Salt Lamp – Himalayan salt

  • 100% authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Hand-carved flower – pretty floral shape
  • Wooden plinth for added stability
  • Made from genuine Himalayan Salt
  • Dimmer switch
  • Weight 8lbs
  • Additional bulb supplied

How are the salt lamps made?

Salt lamps are initially made by hollowing out a salt slab of Himalayan rock salt crystal? A holder for a low-wattage bulb is then placed in the hollowed-out centre and a power cable is installed. Once the bulb is turned on the lamp slowly heats the air around it and attracts any water molecules in the atmosphere.

Pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamps

You do need to consider certain factors when using a salt lamp, such as where you are going to place it, are there any health benefits to using one, or even whether they are safe to have around pets. We have also looked at the pros and cons of Himalayan salt lamp ownership and have written a separate article that you might find helpful.

Why is my salt lamp leaking?

Well, in truth it isn’t leaking. In fact, it is perfectly normal for your salt lamp to produce water. We have covered this in more detail in another article. But basically, Himalayan salt lamps work by attracting moisture from the air once they are slowly warmed. When the moisture hits the surface of the lamp it becomes water droplets. Consequently, it is these water droplets that are often referred to as ‘tears’. When this happens some people say that their Himalayan salt lamp is crying as the water naturally runs off the salt lamp.

Note: we do not recommend that you place your lamp in a drafty or humid location as doing so may increase the chance of it leaking.

How to cleanse a Himalayan salt lamp

When you need to clean your Himalayan salt lamp there are a few basic steps to follow. Remember to always pat the surface lightly with a damp lint-free cloth and in particular, try and take care not to rub too hard as you will rub away the surface crystals. Also, remember not to use a cloth that is soaking wet as it will wash away the crystal surface. Never use a wet cloth when cleaning the salt lamp light bulb. If for any reason you do wish to clean the salt lamp light bulb then remember to use a dry soft cloth.


To summarize, now you know that Himalayan Pink salt lamps can enhance the atmosphere within your home, office, or wellness retreat. Many believe they offer health benefits, such as an aid to sleeping, or acting as an air purifier. When strategically placed throughout your home they can offer areas of serenity and calm, and the soft light emitted through the salt rock is especially pleasant when used in a bedroom setting. So now you know everything about how to choose and use the best Himalayan Salt Lamp.

When they are placed within an office environment it is believed salt lamps can purify the air. On account of this, it is believed that a salt lamp can help improve poor concentration levels, and better concentration levels will result in better performance. Also if staff remain focused on what they are doing they will be more productive with higher output.

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