5 Best Himalayan salt shot glasses – 2024

5 Best Himalayan salt shot glasses

Himalayan salt shot glasses – Have you ever tried drinking your shots out of Himalayan salt shot glasses?

Whether it is tequila, or vodka, or something a little less alcoholic, a Himalayan shot glass can add a bit of fun to your party. Each hand-carved glass is unique due to the different levels of iron oxide contained in the salt slab. So the colors can range from pale pink through to deep pink.

Now let’s have a look at the best Himalayan salt shot glasses on the market and see if we can find one that is right for you. And further on you can read more about how to use and care for them.

Nevlers Himalayan salt shot glasses – 6 piece set

  • 6 x Himalayan salt shot glasses
  • Each glass size is 3″ high x 2″ diameter
  • Made from salt mined directly from the Himalayan Mountains
  • Hand carved so each one is unique
  • A perfect way to add natural trace minerals to your drinks
  • Also comes complete in a presentation box
  • Wipe clean surface

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We love the fun and feel of these salt shot glasses made by Nevlers. And with 6 in the set you will have plenty to choose from. Hand-carved from Himalayan salt slabs each glass has a unique color and overall shape. They also add a distinct salty flavor to your drink.

The presentation box is great for transport and will ensure the glasses arrive in one piece. These glasses would also make a lovely gift.

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Himalaid 6 pack Himalayan salt shot glasses

  • Hand carved so each one is unique
  • Natural Himalayan salt shot glass set
  • Add a touch of color and flavor to your party
  • 3 inch high x 2 inch diameter
  • 6 food grade shot glasses
  • Use to add a touch of natural salt to your drink
  • Hand wash or surface wipe to clean

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If you are looking for a perfect gift then why not consider these salt shot glasses, or if you prefer you can just keep them and use them yourself? They are a good size, easy to clean, and also reusable – what’s not to like.

The presentation box is great for both transport and storage and contains 6 ready to use food-grade shot glasses.

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Milliard Premium Himalayan salt shot glasses

  • Natural Himalayan salt shot glasses
  • Each glass can hold 3 fluid ounces
  • 3 inch high x 2 inch diameter
  • 6 food grade shot glasses
  • Presentation boxed for safe transportation and storage
  • Can be used up to 100 times
  • Hand carved so each one is unique

Himalite Salt Rock Crystal Shooters – 4 pack

  • Authentic Himalayan salt shooter glasses
  • Each pack contains 4 glasses
  • Each unique glass is approximately 3 inches tall
  • Reusable – just rinse and wipe clean after each use
  • Contains 84 natural trace minerals
  • Add some fun to your tequila evenings
  • Easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth

The Spice Lab Tequila salt shot glasses x 2

  • 2 x 100% Himalayan salt shot glasses
  • Made from 100% pure Himalayan salt crystal
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Simply rinse with cold water and pat dry after each use
  • Perfect for parties
  • Also suitable as a gift
  • Easy wipe cleaning

How are salt shot glasses made?

Shot glasses are actually made out of Himalayan pink salt blocks that come from deep within the Himalayan mountains.  Once the salt blocks are mined they are hand carved into the shot glass shape, this ensures that each set of glasses is unique. 

Another unique factor of each glass is the color with the color coming from the number of salt crystals contained in each salt slab. The salt slab contains 84 trace minerals, including iron oxide, furthermore the amount of iron oxide dictates the depth of color of each glass. Consequently the color can range from a deep pink color right through to a pale white color.

Can you reuse salt shot glasses?

So you will be pleased to hear that salt glasses are reusable. However, you must remember to dry them thoroughly after each use, or else any remaining liquid will develop a strong brine flavor.

Also, do not let liquid sit in the glass for a long period of time as the salt will dissolve and eventually leak out.

How to clean salt shot glasses

Before storing them away you can quickly rinse them under cold water, gently pat them with a dry cloth, and place them in a dry, non-humid environment.  To protect the glasses you should not fully immerse them in water as doing so will ultimately remove the surface salt.

How long do salt shot glasses last?

Well, I suppose that really depends on often you use them. So the more shots you drink the more often the glasses will need cleansed and the quicker they will need replacing.  And remember how you clean them will also have an impact on how long they last.

Did you know that old shot glasses can be repurposed as bath salts or salt licks, so don’t throw them away? If you wish to use them as a bath salt just place them under warm running water. They will dissolve quickly and then you can lie back and bathe in a relaxing mineral bath. Or if you have small pets such as hamsters you can place some pieces in their cage and let them use them as salt licks.

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Nevlers salt shot glasses

Looking for a conversation starter at your next gathering? These 6 x Himalayan salt shot glasses by Nevlers are guaranteed to raise an eyebrow (or two). Made from salt mined directly from the Himalayan Mountains, these hand-carved beauties offer a unique and stylish way to enjoy your favorite tequilas or other liquors.

Standing at 3 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter, these shot glasses are the perfect size for a celebratory sip. Since each one is hand-carved, you can expect slight variations, making them one-of-a-kind works of salty art! But be warned, these aren’t your average shot glasses. The description mentions they can impart a salty flavor to your drink, so get ready for a taste bud adventure!

Beyond the cool factor, these Himalayan salt glasses boast potential health benefits. The description claims they add natural trace minerals to your drinks. While research on this is ongoing, it’s an interesting talking point for health-conscious imbibers.

And the presentation is on point too! The set comes in a beautiful box, making it a great gift for the adventurous drinker in your life. Just remember, due to the nature of the material, these are wipe clean only, so no dunking them in the dishwasher!

Overall, these Himalayan salt shot glasses are a fun and unique way to elevate your next gathering. Just be prepared for a conversation about their unusual properties, and maybe a slightly salty surprise in your next shot!

Himalaid Shot Glasses

Tequila lovers, are you ready to shake things up (quite literally)? This set of Himalayan salt shot glasses is here to add a unique twist to your next gathering. Hand-carved from natural Himalayan salt, these aren’t your average shot glasses – they’re conversation starters guaranteed to pique your guests’ curiosity.

Each glass is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Since they’re hand-carved, slight variations exist, adding a touch of rustic charm to your barware collection. The size is perfect for a classic tequila shot, measuring 3 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter.

But the real intrigue lies in the taste. Himalayan salt is known for its subtle mineral flavor, and these shot glasses can impart a hint of that saltiness to your drink. It’s an adventure for your taste buds – a welcome change from the usual straight tequila experience!

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The description mentions these glasses are made from food-grade salt, so you can rest assured they’re safe for use with beverages. Plus, they come in a convenient set of six, perfect for sharing the experience with friends.

Cleaning is a breeze too. Since they’re made of salt, these glasses require special care. Ditch the dishwasher and simply hand wash them gently or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Overall, these Himalayan salt shot glasses are a delightful way to add a touch of conversation and flavor to your next tequila party. Just remember, the hand-carved nature means each shot glass is unique, and the taste might surprise you with a hint of Himalayan goodness!


Salt shot glasses can add both flavor and fun to your drinks.  And if you look after them by following the cleaning tips you will be able to use them time after time.

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