Why is my Himalayan salt lamp leaking?

Why is my Himalayan salt lamp leaking?

If you have a Himalayan salt lamp you may have noticed it leaking, or more affectionately known as ‘crying’. So why is my Himalayan salt lamp wet? Some people also ask, why is my lamp shedding salt? And others ask how do I stop my salt lamp from leaking? The good news is that this is perfectly normal. But there are a few things you can do to try to lessen it.

The salt lamp works by emitting negative ions which attract water molecules that are naturally floating in the air. When the water molecules condense the water will drip down off the salt surface of the lamp, this water is what we refer to as leaking, melting, or shedding. People are naturally concerned they have a crying salt lamp.

What is a salt lamp?

Salt lamps are made from salt rock slabs that are mined from the Pakistan region of the Himalayan Mountains. As the rock salt contains up to 82 trace minerals the slabs are believed to provide benefits for both humans and their pets. To create the lamp the salt slabs are hollowed out, and a low-wattage light bulb and power source are inserted. Some lamps can include a higher-wattage bulb, but this is what ultimately provides the soft glow associated with salt lamps.

Is my salt lamp really leaking?

So why is my lamp leaking water? ‘Leaking’ occurs when the lamp attracts moisture from the air.  This really is just the moisture gathering around the base of the lamp, or on the surface of the lamp itself. As the water droplets hit the warm salt lamp body, the moisture is absorbed and the droplets evaporate leaving behind any impurities. It might be easier to think of the lamp as ‘sweating’ or ‘weeping’ or ‘melting’. But rest assured it is not actually melting, nor is it going to disappear on you.

How does my salt lamp leak?

‘Hygroscopicity’ is the scientific term for what is happening (absorbing moisture from the air). Salt is hygroscopic in nature which means the lamp draws moisture from the air onto its surfaces microscopically.  Do salt lamps really sweat? What is a weeping salt lamp? Is my leaking water, or is it leaking salt? If you position a salt lamp in a humid environment it will naturally start to attract water molecules from the air which will then condense on the salt surface.  This is the water that people refer to as leaking, but it is not from within the lamp, rather it is surface water.

How can I stop my salt lamp from leaking

Will my salt lamp leak when turned off? If possible you should keep your Himalayan Salt lamp turned on 24/7 so that it can continue to attract the water molecules from the air. Just remember the salt lamp will need time to reach a natural balance in the room where it is placed.

Where should I place my Himalayan Salt lamp?

Your home has certain areas that are more suitable for salt lamps than others. If you want them to function at their best then you should not place them in the following locations.

  • Do not place them on top of TVs or other electrical equipment
  • Humid kitchens
  • Steamy bathrooms and en-suites
  • Utility rooms with washers/dryers
  • Near open windows
  • Close to external doors
  • Outdoor spaces
  • In direct sunlight
Salt lamp near PC

If you place your salt lamp in a damp/humid-free environment such as a bedroom or office you should hopefully not experience any problems with leakage or dripping. For the best results, keep your salt lamp on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I leave my salt lamp on all the time?

It is recommended that you leave your salt lamp running 24/7 in order for it to work correctly. This will ensure the lamp continues to emit it’s negative ions which in turn will attract the moisture and pollutants from the air. It will also help with any issues regarding leaking water. The amount of money required to run a salt lamp is very small, so it shouldn’t break the bank!

What should I do if my salt lamp leaks?

Remember that it is perfectly normal for your Himalayan Salt Lamp to leak.  If you feel it is too excessive there are a few steps you can take.

  • Stand the salt lamp in a shallow dish to collect any leakage
  • Salt is corrosive so make sure to wipe away any drips as soon as possible – do not leave it sitting for long periods of time
  • Dispose of any collected moisture water safely – remember it contains salt
  • Consider installing a dehumidifier
  • As salt water dries it leaves behind salt crystals. Immediately remove any salt crystals from furniture

Before turning on a lamp that has previously been leaking you should unplug it from the mains before working with it. Then pat it dry with a lint-free slightly damp cloth. This will allow you to remove as much surface water as possible before reconnecting it to the mains electricity supply.

Have a read through the article on How to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp to find out more on how to use a Himalayan salt lamp and how to care for one. And if you want to learn how to change a salt lamp bulb, or where to buy a salt lamp bulb then this is the article for you.

Where should I store my salt lamp?

Once you no longer wish to use your salt lamp you should cover it with a plastic sheet or place it securely in a plastic bag. This ensure that the surface is clean. It will also ensure that no moisture can get onto the surface.


So now you know.  Instead of worrying ‘why is my Himalayan salt lamp leaking’ you can now understand that it is a normal part of owning one.  Just take a few moments to decide the best location to place your salt lamp, sit back and enjoy.

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