Best Himalayan Salt candle holders – 2024

Best Himalayan salt candle holders

What are the best Himalayan salt candle holders? And also what are the benefits of using Himalayan salt candle holders?

So, the best Himalayan salt candle holders are those that are made from genuine Himalayan pink salt. Also did you know the pink salt is mined by hand from the Pakistan region of the Himalayan Mountains? It also comes in a variety of pink shades depending on the iron content of the salt crystals.

You can add atmosphere by placing the candle holders strategically around your home. When placed in dark corners they can create a romantic glow whilst they are re-balancing the energy imbalance in the room. You can also use them around the home, office, or any other location where you wish to add a bit of ambiance.

Himalayan salt candle holders by Nevelers

  • Himalayan salt candle holders – six per box
  • Made from 100% Himalayan salt
  • Natural handcrafted candle holders
  • Each holder will hold one standard tealight
  • Each one unique due to iron content of crystals
  • Total weight 2.65lbs
  • Emits an orange/pink glow when candle lit

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We love the natural look of these salt candle holders – and with 6 in each box there is plenty to go around. Each candle holder has a unique color due to the iron content of the crystals. Furthermore these would be perfect as a gift idea!

Himalayan double tealight candle holders

  • Authentic Himalayan tealight holders
  • Natural shaped holder, so not smooth
  • Dimensions will vary due to handcrafting
  • Color will vary due to iron content
  • Hand-carved – 100% purity
  • Each unit will hold one tealight
  • Presented in gift box

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If you are looking for a natural looking salt tealight candle holder then this double set is perfect for you. Hand carved so each holder is unique. Each unit holds one individual tealight. When placed side by side they will provide double the glow.

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Yin & Yang Himalayan salt tealight holder

  • Himalayan Salt and Natural Selenite crystal
  • Suggested health & spiritual benefits
  • Add some tranquility to your home
  • Give as a gift to family and friends
  • Each box contains 1 Yin and 1 Yang
  • Holds one tealight in each section
  • Place side by side or in individual locations

Himalayan salt heart candle holder by Apex

  • Himalayan salt heart shaped candle holder
  • Handcrafted so each one is individual
  • Holds one single tealight
  • No chemical additives
  • Weight approximately 3.5 lbs
  • Emits a rose colored romantic glow when candle lit
  • Perfect gift for someone you love

Himalayan salt candle holder – star shape by Apex

  • Himalayan salt candle holder by Apex
  • Unique star shape design
  • Holds one single tealight
  • Weight approximately 3.5 lbs
  • The candle holder is handcrafted from genuine Himalayan rock salt
  • Emits a beautiful rose glow when candle lit
  • Great gift idea

What are the benefits of using Himalayan salt candle holders?

Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals and when these are slowly warmed it is believed they release negative ions into the atmosphere. Our homes are full of pieces of electrical equipment, such as TV’s, computers, microwaves, etc. that emit positive ions when used so the release of the negative ions helps re-balance the air around us.

Are there any health benefits to using a Himalayan salt candle holder?

Salt candle holders benefits. There has been no scientific research completed proving that there are health benefits when using a Himalayan salt candle holder. However, many people believe they can boost your energy levels, help with sleep issues, and even alleviate some respiratory conditions.

So, no matter what camp you fall into, skeptic or believer, salt candle holders can be used both as a practical item or a decorative item. Firstly place the tealight in the candle holder and light the candle. Then you can place each candle holder close by, and sit back and enjoy the soft glow.


I am sure you will agree these Himalayan salt candle holders are the perfect accessory for your home. Add a bit of elegance to your surroundings whilst also enjoying the health benefits associated with Himalayan salt products. These candle holders would also make a perfect gift for a loved one.

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