Best Himalayan salt massage stones

Best Himalayan salt massage stones

Have you ever tried using Himalayan salt massage stones?

Whether it is peace and tranquility, health and wellness, spiritual balancing, or just a good old massage you are looking for then this is the article you need to read.

Let’s have a look at the best salt massage stones on the market. And further on you can read more about how to use and care for them.

UMAID Himalayan slat lamp

UMAID Himalayan salt lamp bowl and stone massage set

  • Himalayan salt lamp bowl and stones
  • 6 Himalayan massage balls
  • Dimmable switch
  • Set on wooden base
  • Hand carved – each one unique
  • Presentation boxed
  • Perfect gift

Editors choice – top product recommendation

We love the style of this UMAID salt lamp bowl and stone massage set. Great for meditation or yoga spaces. The presentation box ensures they arrive safely and would make a lovely gift.

Pure Himalayan salt stones

Pure Himalayan heart shaped salt massage stones

  • Natural Himalayan salt stones
  • Hand carved heart shapes
  • Set of 6 stones
  • Use hot or cold
  • 2.75” W x 3” L x 1.5” D
  • Travel size
  • Can be used wet as a deodorant bar

Editors choice – top value product

For the romantics, these heart-shaped Himalayan salt massage stones would make a perfect gift. Each pack comes with 6 x travel-size stones. Multi-functional they can be used hot or cold.

Editors choice - value product

Value product

JOVIAL Himalayan salt massage stones

JOVIAL Himalayan rock salt massage stones

  • Set of 7 natural Himalayan massage stones
  • Individually handcrafted
  • Stones heat in 8-15 minutes
  • Maximum heat retention 25-35 minutes
  • Use hot or cold
  • Contains 84 trace minerals
  • 7 sizes of stones to choose from

Saltworks flat massage stones

Salt Works Flat Oval Massage Stone – 6 pack

  • Authentic Himalayan oval massage stones
  • Pack of 6
  • Hand-carved stones
  • Can be used with salt and sugar scrubs
  • Contains trace minerals
  • Travel size stones
  • Use hot or cold

Blissful Being salt massage stones

Blissful Being salt massage stones – pack of 2

  • 2 x 100% Himalayan salt massage stones
  • 100% pure Himalayan salt crystal
  • 3 inch circular massage stone
  • Simply warm and use
  • Natural trace minerals
  • Perfect gift set
  • Great for skin, body and mind

How are Himalayan salt massage stones made?

Himalayan pink salt comes from deep within the Himalayan mountains.  Once the salt blocks are mined they are hand carved into massage stones.  This ensures that each set of stones is unique in style. 

Another unique factor of each set of stones is the color.  The salt crystals contain 84 trace minerals including iron oxide.  Each stone ranges in color due to the amount of iron oxide in the crystal. The colors vary from deep pink to pale white.

How do you use Himalayan salt massage stones?

The stones can be used either hot or cold and are placed directly on the skin, or rolled on specific muscle groups.

Massage stones are a fantastic way to help look after your body and mind, both physically and spiritually. Think of sore muscles after a days work in the garden, or just wanting a relaxing way to unwind and relieve tension – a hot stone massage (or even a cold one) may be just the thing to help.

How to heat Himalayan salt massage stones


  • Himalayan salt massage stones can be heated slowly in the microwave, or in a pan on a warmer.
  • Do not overheat the stones as they need to feel comfortable when placed directly on the skin.
  • They slowly release their heat over 25-35 minutes approximately .
  • Round stones are good for rolling over muscles which may feel tight due to stress or incorrect body posture.

How to cool Himalayan salt massage stones


  • To use cold place your Himalayan salt massage stones in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  • Use cold massage stones to reduce inflammation.
  • Stones remain cold but they will eventually warm up when placed directly on the skin.
  • Like hot stones, take care that the skin does not burn when cold stones are used.

How to clean Himalayan salt massage stones

There is no need to ‘wash’ your massage stones as they are naturally antimicrobial. If they are for your own personal use we suggest giving them a quick rinse under cold water, pat dry cloth with a soft cloth, and store them in a dry, non-humid environment.  Remember you should not immerse the stones fully in water as this will remove the surface salt.

If you are using the massage stones in a more formal setting, such as a spa, where they will be used on different clients, you will be required to follow the cleaning regime and guidelines pertinent to your country.

How long do Himalayan salt shot glasses last?

Well, I guess that depends on often you use them. The more shots you drink the quicker they will need replacing.  And remember how you clean them will also have an impact on how long they last.

Don’t throw them away – they can be reused as bath salts, just place them under warm running water and bathe in a Himalayan mineral bath.


Salt shot glasses can add both flavor and fun to your drinks.  If you look after them and follow the cleaning tips you will be able to use them time after time.

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