Kosher salt – health benefits

Health benefits of Kosher salt

Why should I use kosher salt?

Is kosher salt healthy?  Are there any health benefits of using kosher salt?  What actually is kosher salt anyway? We have listed below some of the health benefits of using kosher salt.  

Please note some of these would need more research to be completed in order to verify their overall effectiveness.  

Health benefits of using kosher salt

Aids digestion

Due to the sodium chloride contained in kosher salt, it acts as an aid to help with food digestion by preventing indigestion, heartburn, and excess gas build-up.

Oral health

Most people are aware that using salt-based mouthwashes helps maintain good oral healthcare.  As kosher salt contains antibiotic properties it can help with the prevention of bad breath when used as a mouth gargle.  It can also aid in the prevention of, and easing of, sore throats, sinus infections, and gum infections.   

Diet benefit of sodium chloride

Small amounts of salt are needed in your diet for everyday health benefits – please remember to follow the daily recommended guidelines for your age and any health conditions you may have.

Natural mineral traces

Kosher salt is made solely of sodium chloride. It generally does not contain anti-caking agents, or anti-clumping agents.

Weight loss aid

The reduction of sugar intake caused by the reactivation of insulin can help with weight loss.  This is due to the fact that sugar consumption is reduced resulting in less build-up of fats.

Sore joints

Kosher salt has long been recognized as having anti-inflammatory qualities which can help reduce inflammation of the joints and ease areas suffering from reduced mobility and pain.  It should be noted that any weight loss may also have a beneficial effect on the human skeleton.


The health and beauty industry has long used Himalayan salt as an exfoliator due to the crystals having a coarse texture.  There are many Himalayan salt products available on the market indicating that Himalayan pink salt benefits for skin, including face creams, exfoliators, scrubs, body washes, moisturizers and cleansers, all designed for everyday use.


As you can see there are some great health benefits to using Kosher salt. And with more people looking at how they can improve their lifestyles the trend of using Kosher salt in their diet and also their healthy and wellbeing routines will continue to grow.

Remember – medical advice should always be sought for chronic conditions or new unexplained illnesses.

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