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Himalayan, Kosher, Sea Salt – how much should you use, how can you use it, and are there any benefits? So if you want to learn more then keep reading.

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We have tried to cover a wide range of topics from using salt in cooking, to what is Kosher salt, and also are Himalayan salt lamps safe for cats, just to mention a few. And we’ve also even thrown in a section where you can find some recipes with tips on how to make that dish extra special. Do you need advice on how to season, garnish, bake or brine, well hopefully, we have covered that for you too. And there’s also a cheeky margarita cocktail recipe for you to try.

Each article is unique and will hopefully answer any questions you have about the many ways you can use salt.

Salt and spice

How many types of salt are there?

How many types of common salt are there – varieties and sources How many types of common salt are there and where does salt come from? What is salt? To … Read More How many types of salt are there?


We all need salt in our daily diet, but what is the best salt and how do you use it? Whether it is for flavoring, brining, or adding texture to food, salt is a very versatile product.  Buy it, try it, and most of all have fun with it.

Each of the articles listed above has been carefully researched to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date information. Written in an easy to read style we hope that you enjoy them.

If you would like us to cover anything more specific or even if you would like to share some recipes with us just drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

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