9 Galliano Alternatives for Your Cocktails

Best Substitute for Galliano

What are the best Galliano substitues? If you’re looking for a substitute for Galliano, there are a few options depending on what you need it for. Galliano is a sweet herbal liqueur with a unique flavor, but here are a couple of alternatives which you may like. to try. Try using: Sambuca, Ouzo, Pernod, Chartreuse, Benedictine, Anise Extract, Vanilla Extract and Anise Seeds, Anise Liqueur, or Pastis.

Remember, the exact match might be hard to achieve, but you can get pretty close with some of our suggestions Have fun using them in cocktails or recipes.

What is Galliano?

Galliano is a sweet herbal liqueur which has Italian origins. It’s known for its distinct flavor, which includes a combination of herbal and botanical ingredients, as well as a slightly sweet, vanilla-like taste. When you taste a glass of Galliano you will pick up the flavors of anise, vanilla, citrus, and various herbs and spices.

Galliano is often used to make cocktails, and it’s also a crucial ingredient in classic drinks like the Harvey Wallbanger and the Golden Cadillac. Its unique taste adds complexity and sweetness to beverages. Additionally, it can be enjoyed on its own as a digestif or you can use it to add a touch of herbal and vanilla notes to dishes. It’s a liqueur that has been a favorite in the world of mixology for many years.

Okay, before we look at your Galliano substitute options, let’s deal with that empty cupboard situation!

Where can I buy Galliano?

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What can I substitute for Galliano?

Here are some of the best ingredients to substitute the flavor and role that Galliano provides in your recipes.

  • Sambuca
  • Ouzo
  • Pernod
  • Chartreuse
  • Benedictine
  • Anise Extract
  • Vanilla Extract and Anise Seeds
  • Anise Liqueur
  • Pastis

Galliano substitutes


Sambuca can be a decent substitute for Galliano in some cocktails and recipes, especially if you’re looking for te distincitve anise-flavor. While they do have some flavor similarities, Galliano has a more complex herbal and vanilla profile, while Sambuca is primarily anise-flavored. If you decide to use Sambuca as a substitute, keep in mind that it has a stronger anise flavor. Therefore, you might want to use a little less Sambuca in the recipe.

For cocktails, like a Harvey Wallbanger, simply swap Galliano for Sambuca in the same quantity, but be prepared for the change in flavor.

In baking, you can use Sambuca in desserts where anise flavor is a key component, but again, remember you may need to adjust the quantity to suit your taste.



Ouzo can be an interesting substitute for Galliano, especially if you’re open to experimenting with different flavors in your recipes. Both Ouzo and Galliano have a licorice or anise note, but Ouzo tends to have a stronger anise flavor and a slightly different herbal profile.

When making cocktails, such as a Dorado Old Fashioned, you can use Ouzo in place of Galliano. But remember it will have a more pronounced anise taste. Always start with a smaller quantity of Ouzo and add more if you like.

Use Ouzo in recipes that call for Galliano in cooking or baking. However, you may want to use a bit less Ouzo than the amount of Galliano specified, as Ouzo can be quite potent.

Remember that the flavors will be different, so your dishes or drinks may not taste exactly the same. However, I am sure you will agree it’s all part of the fun of discovering new flavor combinations and alternatives. Don’t be afraid to experiment and tailor the quantities to suit your taste and the specific recipe you’re working on.



Another great choice is Pernod, but remember that Pernod has a distinct flavor profile.

Pernod is actually recognised as the oldest anise liqueur in France. It is made from star anise, fennel and up to 14 other botanicals such as mint and coriander. The original version made back in 1805 included wormwood, which is a woody shrub with a bitter aromatic taste. Pernod is not the same as Pastis, as it has a low liquorice content.

While both Pernod and Galliano have an anise flavor, Pernod is more focused on anise and has a slightly different herbal profile.

Use Pernod in cocktails that typically call for Galliano, like the Harvey Wallbanger. However, you should always use Pernod in a smaller quantity than the amount of Galliano mentioned in the recipe, as it has a more intense anise flavor.

In recipes that require Galliano for cooking or baking, you can easily use Pernod as a substitute. Adjust the amount to your taste, but be cautious, as Pernod’s anise flavor can be quite potent.

Keep in mind that your dishes or drinks may have a slightly different flavor when using Pernod. It’s all about experimentation and finding the balance that works for your recipes and your food blog.

Pernod as a substitute for Galliano.


Chartreuse is a bit of an unconventional choice, but it can be quite an interesting one. There are two types of Chartreuses, yellow and green, with each having their own unique flavor due to the alcohol content. Green Chartreuse is the original herbal liqeuer, which was made by French monks as far back as 1737. Yellow Chartreuseback is slightly lower in alcohol and also tastes a bit sweeter.

Chartreuse is described as having a sweet, spicy and smooth taste. Other flavors that pop up are apple, vanilla, mage and sage – so it can be quite quite herbal.

Use Chartreuse as a substitute for Galliano in cocktails. However remember that the flavor will be notably different. We always advise that you should start with a smaller quantity of Chartreuse and adjust to taste.

If you want to use Chartreuse as a substitute in recipies we advise that you use it sparingly as the herbal notes could overwhelm your dish.

While Chartreuse and Galliano aren’t direct substitutes, using Chartreuse can add a unique and creative twist to your recipes.

Chartreuse liqueur as a substitute for Galliano.


Benedictine can be a more fitting substitute for Galliano compared to some other liqueurs, as they both have herbal and complex flavor profiles.

The recipe for Benedictine is a closely guarded trade secret, that is known by only a handful of people. The recipe calls for distillation, blending and aging before the golden liqueur is ready for consumption. Containing around 27 herbs and spices, some of the flavors include saffron, cinnamon, fir cones and juniper. However it is beleived that six of its ingredients remain unknown. 

While they’re not identical, Benedictine’s herbal and honeyed notes can complement recipes that call for Galliano. Here’s how you can use Benedictine as a substitute:

In cocktails like the Golden Dream, you can replace Galliano with Benedictine. Once again start by using a similar quantity of Benedictine as you would with Galliano, and then add more until you are happy with the taste. The honeyed sweetness of Benedictine may actually provide a pleasant contrast in some cocktails.

If you want to use Benedictine in your recipes you can substitute Galliano on a 1:1 ratio. remember that the herbal and honey notes will introduce an interesting twist to your dishes.

Benedictine offers a different yet complementary flavor to Galliano, so your recipes will have a unique character. Experimentation is key to finding the right balance for your specific dishes and drinks.

Benedictine drink as a substitute for Galliano.

Anise Extract

Anise extract can be a suitable substitute for Galliano in recipes that require an anise flavor, but it can be quite expensive, so use it sparingly.

The anise extract is actually obtained from both the leaves and the seeds of the spice known as star anise which produce a strong, sweet licorice flavor. The flavor is derived from a compound called ‘anethole’ which is also present in fennel, tarragon and licorice.

Use Anise extract as a substitute in drinks like the Harvey Wallbanger. As it is highly concentrated, and expensive, you should start by adding a very small amount. Remember adrop or two can go a long way, so always taste and adjust accordinlgy..

If you do want to use Anise extract in bakign and cooking, remember to use it sparingly. The strong anise flavor could easily overpower your dish. And you need to keep in mind that the absence of other herbal and citrus notes found in Galliano may result in a simpler flavor profile.

Anise extract is a pure and concentrated source of anise flavor, so it’s essential to be cautious and add it incrementally. While it can work as a substitute in terms of anise flavor, the final taste of your dishes or drinks may be simpler compared to using Galliano.

Anise Extract as a substitute for Galliano.

Vanilla Extract and Anise Seeds

Combining vanilla extract with anise seeds can be a creative way to mimic the complex flavors of Galliano in recipes. While it won’t be an exact match, it can add depth and character.

Start by creating an infusion. Combine a small amount of anise seeds with vanilla extract in a glass container. Use about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of anise seeds per 1 cup of vanilla extract. Seal the container and let it sit for a few days to a week. Taste it periodically to ensure you achieve the desired flavor.

Once your vanilla-anise infusion is ready, use it in cocktails that call for Galliano. The quantity to use will depend on the intensity of the infusion, so start with a small amount and adjust to taste.

For recipes that require Galliano in cooking or baking, use your infusion. It can add a unique combination of anise and vanilla flavors to your dishes. Again, remember to adjust the quantity to your taste.

This homemade infusion allows you to get creative and bring a touch of Galliano’s complexity to your recipes. It’s a great way to add a personalized twist to your dishes and drinks.

Vanilla extract and anise seeds as a substitute for Galliano..

Anise Liqueur

Anise liqueur can be a closer substitute for Galliano compared to some other options because it shares a similar anise flavor.

You can use Anise liqueur to replace Galliano in cocktails that require it, such as the Harvey Wallbanger. Use a similar quantity of anise liqueur as you would with Galliano, so on a 1:1 ratio, but be prepared for a slightly different taste. Anise liqueur may lack some of the herbal and citrus notes of Galliano.

If you want to use Anise Liqueur in recipes that call for Galliano you should start by using a similar quantity. Always taste as you go along to ensure the anise flavor doesn’t overpower the dish.

Using anise liqueur can bring a more pronounced anise flavor to your recipes, and while it may not replicate Galliano’s complexity, it can still provide a unique and enjoyable twist.

Anise liqeuer as a substitute for Galliano.


Pastis, not to be confused with Pernod, can be a viable substitute for Galliano in certain recipes, especially in cocktails and dishes where an anise flavor is prominent. However, it’s important to note that Pastis has a more pronounced anise flavor and lacks the herbal and vanilla complexity found in Galliano.

Pastis can replace Galliano in cocktails like the Harvey Wallbanger. Start by using a smaller quantity of Pastis than the amount of Galliano called for in the recipe, as it has a stronger anise taste. Adjust to your preferred level of anise flavor.

In recipes that call for Galliano in cooking or baking, you can use Pastis as a substitute. Be cautious with the quantity though, as Pastis can have an intense anise flavor that may dominate the dish. Always taste as you go along to ensure the right balance.

While Pastis offers a more intense anise note, it may not replicate Galliano’s full flavor profile. However, it can provide a distinct and delightful twist to your recipes.

Pastis as a substitute for Galliano.

Summary for Galliano substitutes

Okay – that’s you all sorted with suitable substitutes for galliano.

Substituting Galliano with other liqueurs like Pernod, Sambuca, Ouzo, Chartreuse, or Benedictine can add unique twists to your recipes. When using these alternatives in cocktails or cooking, adjust quantities to taste, as each option has its distinct flavor profile. The key is experimentation and creativity.

We have gathered together a lot more facts on ingredients such as herbs, spices, oils, nuts, etc. if you would like to learn some more.

Or if you need to swap out another ingredient have a look at our Substitutes section.